Kentucky Silk Pie® is a fabulous dessert that is stored in your freezer, sliced as needed and returned to the freezer. It’s candy-like crust, made exclusively by the Robin’s Nest, is truly a gourmet product. The light chocolate cream filling makes this dessert “as smooth as silk.”


Kentucky Silk Pie Midway, KYThe Robin’s Nest was founded in 1983. We had a desire to be self employed, and in our search for employment, we found: people love to eat! They enjoy comfort food; quality, home-style meals. We opened “the Robin’s Nest Restaurant” in October, 1983. As a restaurant owner-operator, we had everything but a quality dessert. The “quest” for a dessert, resulted in the creation of our Kentucky Silk Pie® in 1984.

During our early years, we’d serve our Restaurant customers by day and bake the Kentucky Silk Pies® at night; in the basement of our home, which was a State approved “facility.” We knew early on, we had a fabulous dessert.

The first restaurant, beside ours, to serve the Kentucky Silk Pies® was the Kentucky Resort State Parks. We delivered our first order to Butler State Park in Carrollton, Kentucky, in 1988.

At this point, we were serving our customers by day, baking pies by night and delivering our pies to the State Resort Parks in the “twilight.” Needless to say, after 6 months of driving over the State of Kentucky, we located our first vendor to distribute our pies!

Kentucky Silk Pie Whole ServingIn 1991, we had to choose between maintaining the Robin’s Nest Restaurant and baking pies. Choosing to bake the Kentucky Silk Pies® has been a life changing decision.

In 2002, we decided to relocate to Midway, Kentucky. Our factory is one of Midway’s beautiful, refurbished buildings. The building used to be a 2 1/2 story distillery in Midway, located on the fresh, water spring that runs through town.


Being family owned and operated does have its advantages. It’s the same product every time you bake it!

And… we love baking for YOU!